The Club has a long and distinguished affiliation with the Armed Services. A number of its membership having servedstretching back as far as the Second World War and many with great distinction. Stewarts and Lloyds Rugby Club are very proud and very thankful for those current and past, whom have ultimately sacrificed all or who have placed themselves in danger in the protection of us all. With VE memorial celebrations and the remembrance of D-Day at the forefront of our minds the club pays tribute to all concerned.

In these unprecedented times the need to defend our health and wellbeing has become a new war and our thanks and admiration extends to our NHS and Care Professionals, working in tandem with our key workers. A new kind of threat demanding a new kind of courage.

There is no comparison with those above and the activities of the club, but be rest assured that behind the scenes there are many individuals working tirelessly so that the day “the war” is over, we can offer our community the best facilities possible so they may enjoy the well-earned respite they deserve. The restrictions are loosening and we are receiving guidance from the RFU on the “road map” to normality for grass roots rugby. With senior physical training scheduled to start next Thursday we are on Step 2 of a 6 step plan for the return of our great game. Further details to be released shortly.

As the world responds to injustice and inequality, rugby union reverberates its message that rugby union is a game for ALL and I endorse our one club-our club ethos.

We cannot cure all the world’s problems but if the world would embrace the principals of rugby;






Then just maybe the world would be a better place.

This whole situation has been an unprecedented and the club must learn from it. We would welcome any suggestions on how the club can improve post Covid especially around community engagement, being inclusive to the community’s diverse population and communications.

Thank you


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