Fri 17 Dec 2021 11:06

Hi Everybody I hope you are all safe and well and for those that are currently suffering I wish you a speedy recovery. It’s been a while since we last had a chat and it would appear the world is still as mad as it was back then. As is the responsibility of your Chairman I have to discuss the unpleasant as well as the pleasant. So let’s get the Covid situation out of the way so we can move on to the many positive things that are currently happening at our club.

There is no denying that Covid exists. I, myself, have been a victim of this nasty unpleasant virus thus I can speak from experience. The club has no political persuasion or bias, it passes no moral judgement with regard to those who wish to be vaccinated and those that do not, BUT it does have a very strong ethical code in relation to keeping its members and visitors safe.

Keeping safe yourself naturally keeps the club safe and it is imperative that we support each other to make this happen. To this end I would ask all members and visitors to take either:

- Regular Lateral Flow Tests (LFT)


- more ideally, to take an LFT test within 6 hours before coming to the club.

I appreciate there will be some people that disagree with the above and see it at as a violation of their rights; to those people I can only say that this is a committee request which  I fully endorse. The request is quite simple “a quick wipe of your tonsils with a cotton bud, dip it in a fluid and wait 5 minutes, which could potentially save personal suffering or the club having to close” as has happened in neighbouring clubs.

My last words so we may move on to more pleasant items are that if you fail an LFT test or feel remotely ill regardless of the type of symptoms please do not come to the club until you are fully recovered.

Club officials have been working relentlessly in re-energising and rejuvenating the club with what can only be described as great success given the circumstance. Despite physical and financial constraints the Club is healthy and continuing to move forward. The most pleasing thing for me is we are moving collectively and the subsequent teams; the committee, the player management team; the maintenance team; the bar team; the army of mini junior volunteers, are all running in cohesion with each other to attain the common goal of “RETURN TO RUGBY”. This has formed the matrix of success.

The following is a quick snap shot of the clubs continuing investment: £10K maintenance enhancement; £2.5K lighting improvements; £2K IT upgrade; £2K Bar Improvement; £1K Signage improvement; £1.5k Mini Junior training wear, £2K Match day camera (shortly all games will be available on You tube) and the list goes on. All made possible by the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and members whom I thank one and all.

The Government has let the door open for you to make choices. Please make the safe and responsible choice, please self-test before coming to the club so we may all enjoy the festive season and each other’s company.

It just leaves me to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and I will see you soon.

Some upcoming dates for the diary:

18 December 2021 – Club Christmas gathering

26 December 2021 – Cook Cup

31 December 2021 – Chairman’s New Year’s Eve Party – Tickets to be booked via Club Chairman

(New Year Tickets are limited to club members only)

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