The present legal status of S&L RFC is that the key committee members are liable for any debts of the club. As a committee we do not see the club coming into any problems however a number of the committee would sleep more easily if we were to incorporate the club as a limited company and thus reduce the liability on the committee.

To do this we would have to transfer all the assets of the present club into the newly formed S and L RFC Ltd. However our present constitution does not allow us to do this.

We therefore need to have a brief EGM where we vote on an amendment to the present constitution allowing the transfer of all assets and then a vote to agree to transfer these assets to the new company.

Changing to the new company will be mostly unnoticed by club members. The biggest changes will be in having to change bank accounts. We will still retain our charitable status.

If anyone has any questions on this it would be good to hear from you in advance of the meeting.

The date of the meeting has been set for 16th February at 12pm prior to the 1st XV fixture v Market Harborough. It is complusory all VP and Playing Members to attend. Any apoligies to Club Secretary. 

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